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Is this  sustainable ? How to fulfill your energy needs without killing the earth.


is the technology which enables to convert solar energy into stream. More and more people see in the application of photovoltaik an efficient and economically reasonable alternative to the production of stream from fossil energy sources or nuclear energy.

Solar Thermal Energy

is the transformation of  solar irradiation in warmth. In the solar technology this effect serves for the direct warming of rooms, as well as the indirect warming of rooms, drinking water and drying of food.

Wind energy

means the kinetic energy of the moved aerial masses of the atmosphere. It is an indirect form of solar energy and  therefore part of  the renewable energies. The use of wind energy has been known since ancient times as a form of energy recovery.

Hydro dynamic power

 is the name of the current energy of fluent water which uses suitable machines to transform this power into mechanical energy. In former times this mechanical power has been used directly in water mills. Nowadays it is mainly transformed to electrical energy in hydro power plants.

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